Which breed is right for you??

When we decide to adopt a puppy we should do it in the best way possible, meaning that we should keep in mind that we are about to take on an enormous responsibiity , it cannot be done out of the moment or purely for an aesthetic factor.

We should ask ourselves what breed is more adapt, maybe trying to amalgamate personal taste with the physical and psycological needs of the pile of hair that will grow and live with us for a long time.

A consciuos decision.

Remember not to believe commonplace theories that ofte lead you to choose one breed over another : it is not true that a small dog is better off in an appartament and a big one must stay in the garden ( the rough-haired dachshund is a hunting dog, it won’t hesitate to attack a will boar , there is a possibility that a city appartament is not its ideal habitat , dont be fooled by size!) .

All dog can stay both in an appartament or in the garden, what matters is our capability ( and the will)  to offer an interesting life , stimulating , that satisfies their nature, poor in boredom.

A nice way to get to know these animals ,their nature, based on the dogs natural character  and character qualities and its primary phsycological needs that are more compatable with your own character , habbits and lifestyle..

You are the intuitive type, extremely sensitive to sbtle stimuli. The kind of personality that you can almost guess what others are thinking , feeling, you are dreamers and idealist…

The character of the german shepherd has made it famous at least as much as its beauty: it is a cheerful and loves to play , very easy to train , always eager to please its master. Its practically suited for everyone , children included ( provided they are well mannored and respectful to dogs )and can perform any task, from pet dog to guard dog, defense dog, rescue dog. In italy and Germany it is mostly used as a guide dog for the blind , maybe a canines maximum expression of intellingence and docility.

The Poodle is lively and joyous , attentive and active , sociable and cuddly. it has a predisposition to please its owner , a feature that explans its ease in being trained . Its a dog that goes well with everyone , he is kind, lovable and playful with its peers , but if necessary knows how to be respected.

Maybe the active french bulldog , being playful and sportive is suited for your needs , intelligent, very muscolar , of compact and solid structure. Sociable, playful, cheerful sportive , very aware , particulary affectionate with children and its owners.

The bull terrier is a very quiet dog and particulary affectionate and balanced , it is very discreet with strangers, unless it sees them as a threat. It loves human contact and is an excellent playfellow , it needs a lot of exercise thus long walks that will be appropriately rewarded with rest and sleep are recommended. It is also recommended to make it socialize with people from a tender age in order for it to grow with a sociable and safe character.


You are an suthoritarian reflective extrovert type , objective and rational , that almost exclusively acts based on reason , very rigorous and energitc….

Leonberger is predominatntly a guard dog , as well as a very sweet pet dog . Very loyal , very good with children with whom it is very patient, it is generaly quiet and gentle . It can become very dangerous if something threatens its family or property.

The Czechoslovak wolf is a polyualent dog, full of temperament , very active , resistant , receptive , rapid in its reactions , intrepid and brave very hierarchical, it bonds strongly with its master , but is extremely wary towards everything it does not know; it therefor need a lot of socialization as a pup.

to be continue…..





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