What is the Kong?


What is the Kong?

It’s a kind of beehive shaped cone, made with an animal safe rubber suited for being chewed ( hard or soft depending on which version) to be filled with food or appetizing creams. It’s conception dates back to 1976 but it is nothing more than a toy like many others, with a slightly higher cost than more common accessories but is practically everlasting because of the highly resistant material with which it’s made. This toy facilitates chewing and biting, activity that permits the release of endorphins, as a consequence after having played with the Kong the dog will feel serene, more relaxed and less stressed.

The original! A robust toy made in ultra resistant natural rubber. Unique in it’s kind! KONG jumps and bounces in a completely unpredictable way. An irresistible challenge for any dogs playing and hunting instincts, especially when the toy hides little snacks to chew on.

Available versions:

KONG Classic: The original! Toy made with super resistant natural rubber, to chew and fill with snacks and play fetch with. Color: Red

KONG Extreme in rubber, to fill with snacks, for healthy teeth and gums, for dogs that like to bite, chew, chase and capture it’s prey

KONG CLASSIC is perfect for adult dogs and is available in different sizes.


S: For dogs that weigh up to 9 Kg

MEASUREMENTS: H7 x L 4,5 Cm ca.

M: For dogs weighing between 7-16 Kg

MEASUREMENTS: H9 x L 5,5 Cm ca.

L: For dogs weighing between 13-30 Kg

MEASUREMENTS : H10 x L6,5 Cm ca.

XL: For dogs weighing between 27-41 Kg

MEASUREMENTS: ca. L9 x P9 x H 12,7 C


It’s designed to bee filled with treats, special creams that you can find in animal shops but even more simply spreadable cheese( better in small doses…… never exaggerate with dairy products) The objective will be to get to these treats by making the toy bounce or biting it.

The Kong , however, being it a mental activator, is also suitable for search-games( hide it somewhere and give the “GO!” command so as to get the dog to look for it) In time you can go on to specific commands like “ Find your Kong”;

You can put it in a bowl full of water and ask your furry friend to get it.

The Kong is a lot of fun for dogs so it can represent both a toy and for all intensive purposes a reward, you can use it to reinforce positive behavior: “ you’ve been very good! Now you can play with your Kong!!

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