What are perianal glands?


They are glands that are glands that are situated near the last part of the rectal tract, in proximity to the anus.

Their function is mainly to produce a secrete that plays an important role in marking territory, these glands are normally pressed by out going feces and the contents gets mixed, therefore, with the feces itself but evermore frequently, for reasons still unknown to date.

Many dogs are not able to empty their glands that therefore increasingly accumulate evermore secrete that often brings on forms of fistulisation. It is thus important a manual emptying of the glands, more or less on a monthly basis.

The typical symptoms are:

The scratching of the anus on the ground, lapping, difficulty defecating.

If you are unsure see a veterinary or a professional groomer, but if you notice any symptoms you have to empty them, they can cause greater health issues.

After having emptied them, it will need a bath.

Knowing, helps to become real friends, even these things, because they are very annoying for them too.

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