Thinking about dreams

Thinking about dreams, I want to tell you a bit more about the psyche and mental balance of the dog.

The first three months in the life of a dog are the most important ones for the creation of a balanced temperament, thanks to both the mother and other puppiues’ imprinting, and to help them become an adult an sociable dog. Let me say it again: THREE MONTHS. It’s important to remember it, because many people tend to adopt even after only two months: wrong!!

Starting from the fourth to the twelfth week, a dog learns how to balance the bite, how to play, to get to know their hierarchical position according to their abilities and their mother’s authority.

During this period, the mother and the other puppies play a determinant role: the mother will teach the puppies to control their bite and jaw grip, in order to be able to play without pressing too much (bite inhibition). If the bite inibition phase should ever be missing in the life of a dog, this would surely lead to dangerous behaviours which would become hard to handle, because the dog wouldn’t know how to control his way to play, not knowing if he’s pressing too hard and causing pain.

This fundamental educational rule can only be transmitted by the mother, through play and confrontation with the other puppies.

I feel quite sure to tell you that this is one of the most frequent problems and cause of return of the puppy.

There are other important teachings during this phase, always captained by the mother, like the food hierarchization (the respect of the hierarchic order to access food) and the meaning of growl.

Furthermore, during the last month and simply playing with the other puppies, the dog can learn all those behaviours and attitudes which will be fundamental in his adult life: the hunt, the stud, the ambush, the use of tail and mouth to communicate; all behaviours strictly connected to the concepts of calm and control.

That’s why it is also very important not to wake the puppy while asleep: the puppy will only feel free to fall asleep deeply after having found the right and comfortable position and ideal situation of protection. Should this moment be disturbed or altered, during the first months of life, we would contribute to create anxiety in the dog, who will not be able to find a secure and protected place where simply relaxing and feel safe.

So let’s not forget that everything happens during the first three months of life is determinant and sometimes irreversible.

Now let’s go take care of our dreams and of the dreams of our furry friends…


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