The revolution of the pack

The revolution of the pack is the name l’ve given to my personal journey, which I started 17 years ago, with Lola. At first, we began by trying to spread the canine culture through clinics and different events, ranging from dog language to the care of hygiene and fur; then our work together transformed itself into a real cultural association aimed to the training and education of dogs: Naturalmente Amici (Naturally friends NdT). Our association offered lots of services such as a free doghouse, where dogs could share spaces in the total respect of their hierarchy, myself being the leader of the pack, a dog grooming service, a dog kindergarten service, among the others. This experience has improved my skills in working with dogs and as a consequence it has helped me know them better through practice and not only through my several studies and research.

Today l want to keep the revolution of the pack alive with this blog, because l want Lolamysoulmate to give voice to all the dogs in the world!

I want this to be a blog able to arise the curiosity and the knowledge of the dog lovers world, able to offer a vision beyond the surface, beyond what we’re used to thinking or believing.

I love freedom, the truth and l very much love nature.

Everything comes from my passion for my job. I want more substance and less surface. I might not be very good at writing but l promise l will do my best to make this blog the most interactive possible, in order to transform it into a free online consulting tool.

I will write about different subjects, e.g. daily activities with my dogs or the dogs l’ll be working with (counseling, education, training, professional grooming, reinsertion of kidnapped or confiscated dogs, …), because I strongly believe in real experience as the best teacher we could ever have.

We will also have our little “dog pearls”: pearls of wisdom concerning the canine world, from their psychology to their language, from ethology to behavior, etc…

In addition to this, you will also find in the blog an educative journey concerning the world of dogs made of videos, courses, essays, pictures and readings. All the material you will find belongs to me and is only published with a didactic and non-profit purpose; my sharing this material with you is dictated by my love for dogs: it’s a mission of love and gratitude towards them.

Lolamysoulmate is for everyone.

Our Philosophy

Health and wellbeing are crucial in the relationship between man and dog, they have to be built preventing the causes of uneasiness. Preventing means creating the right tools to adapt to each other needs and differences.

Our tools are knowledge and communication, just like in any other kind of relationship.



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