Science and progress don’t speak as loud as love

I started this blog with a promise to myself: all the articles I’ll post will deal with moments and emotions I have lived on my own skin, and this picture is quite an example of that. 

These last days have been so tough to get through, because it’s really hard being friends, real friends, to someone who is getting old faster than you, being aware that every day they get one step closer to leaving you forever. And this is the only reason that sometimes made me ask myself whether I would be able to handle my job: Sometimes I thought I wouldn’t have the strength to say goodbye to so many friends.

  Right, because as soon as you open that little “door” and start a real communication with dogs, you see your love for them growing bigger and bigger everyday, as you get aware of how incredibly sensitive they can be, and how much they are able to fill your heart like nothing else.

I have never considered my “friends” as clients, but rather friends to whom I dedicate attention, cuddles, and respect. Like in every other human relationship, I think you sometimes get to meet someone you are simply meant to, someone with whom you immediately get complicity and empathy. Like when I first met you, Kira.

I can perfectly recall our first day together at the grooming beauty shop : you, Lola, and me. You were one of our first “client friends”, so beautiful and proud glorious,  a big Bernese puppy looking at me with both curiosity and pride.  Instead, I was looking at you as the inexperienced fledgling groomer I was at the time, and I couldn’t help but comply with all of your requests.

Then, after just a couple of times, we established that empathy and mutual respect we have been having for ten years now… so much so that today, at bath time, you can’t wait to come into the grooming shop to enjoy that contact and cuddle time you have learnt to appreciate so much. While getting to know you, I was also learning so much more than I could realize at the time, but I do now. Today you are a grown-up Bernese dog, maybe an oldie, but still so beautiful and proud. Sometimes  large breed dogs have harder times aging than others, due to the possible complications related to carrying around all that body weight. But you have never kept anything to yourself  Kira, and all the things you gave me in these years never cease to amaze me.

Today I am standing here by your side, ‘cause the love you gave me wants to be close to you in this special moment. In my opinion it is in this very special moments that we, as humans, can be able to show dogs all our gratitude, our real friendship. And even if it’s hard to do, also because this inevitably brings me back to the time I had to say my “physical goodbye” to Lola, I need to share with you this time of real love and challenge. That’s right: ‘cause you furry little hearts do not only teach us how to live life, but also how to embrace death with extraordinary dignity and courage. This morning I came to your house and you spent all your energies to come towards me, even if you perfectly knew I was going to stay home with you like I do everyday lately, and that’s when I realized that science and progress can’t speak as loud as love does. It goes almost without saying that these emotions and displays of affection go straight to my heart.

This is the wonderful world of dogs, all that makes everything worth it! I am here with you Kira, and I will be there and hold you as long as you want me to… with love!



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