Puppy , Sensitive periods!

Psycho phisichal developement

A dogs gestation period is 64 days , the puppy is blind and def at birth and is totaly dependent on its mother.

Sensitive periods:

Antenatal: during pregnancy environmental factors the influence the pregnant dog can influence the mental development of the pups.

Stress during pregnantcy leads to poor learning capabilities , behavioural excesses, acute emotive state in the puppy.

Neonatal: 0/2 weeks this period is of fundamental importance for the correct developement of the interconnection of nerve cells , through the manipulation of the puppy.

The mother continualy stimulates her pups with her tongue and little taps with her nose .

Transition : 2/4 weeks The ralationship between the puppy and the world around him is modified , thanks to new sensory perceptions , first sight then hearing, there is an increment in the dogs capability to move and explore it’s surroundings.

It begins to distinguish the mother from it’s siblings.

From it’s 20th day the phase of developement known as “ imprinting “ will begin to appear the story of it’s relationship with man begins to written.

A part of development is programmed genetically but another depends on the stimulous received from it’s environment , therefore it is important that the puppy developes in an environment rich in different kinds of stimulus; absolutely avoiding situations in which the dog is isolated which would provoke “the sensory deprevation syndrome” thus creating subjects that are incapable to integrate in a normal stimulating environment.

Socialization : 4° weeks on ..is a very important step in which the dog learns to live with others.

It begins as soon as the dog developes hearing ( 21/28 days) and ends with puberty (6/18 months).

Many problems between dog and man are determined in this phase, therefore correct socialization is fundamentally important for the phsycological developement of the puppy and the peaceful co-existance with it’s future family.

The socialization period is divided in

Imprinting “ Intraspecific “ 3/6 weeks

Imprinting “ Interspecific “ 6/10 weeks

Imprinting “ Environmental “ 7/14 weeks

Intraspecific , imprint of socialization with the same species.

The puppy discovers the rest of the litter and is able to understand that the mother has a different role from the rest ( differenciated realities , hierarchy.

The puppys begin to compete with eachother , there begins the phase of play through which to apprehend a correct attitude to inhibit aggressiveness.

They experiment the first meaning of language ( Howling, growling, darking)

Iterspecific imprinting of socialization with other species.

The pups begin to confront itself in an active way with other species and are ready to verify if the behavior exhibited with theirs siblings is appropriate to communicate with others species; In nature (wolf) all of this is taught by the pack but for dog??

Puppys that are weaned by man and will find itself in an environment that is not it’s own who will teach it all of this ??

Environmental : imprint of environmental socialization.

The puppy begin to discover the world around them; in nature wolf puppys have as life mentors their siblings that understand their needs, fears and guide them to a knowledge protected by years of experience also due to insticts . but who will guide dog puppys through this exploration??

Socialization : period of permanent fear imprinting (8/10weeks )

In this period both dog and wolf puppys are extremely sensitive to fear , a trauma in this period can remain impressed in the mond of the puppy all its lives.

This results to be particulary effective when it must safeguard itself from enemies in order to survive ( wolf puppy).

Who is responsible for allowing the puppy to live correctly this period?

Phsycophisical developement to be complete and correct :

  • Role of the mother
  • Role of brothers / sisters
  • Environmental stimulation
  • Role of man
  • Experience

Lolamysoulmate : this makes me very angry towards those breeders that sell puppies before their 90th day , fase in which only its mother and siblings can give and enforce the correct imprinting that cannot possibly done by man, it can be attempted if left with no option, but only by someone with real knowledge of canine phsychology

Therefore real breeders that love and respect dogs “ sell “ them after day 90 , it’s canine phsycology, all other breeders are just exploitins animals with soul.




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