By the term rabbit we define a group of animals belonging to the family of leporides, although the term is often used to indicate the species…

The rabbit is a rodent mammal, lives in small groups, in dung that digs into the ground with his nails. Usually during the day she remains in her den, leaving her in the evening to find food. The recognized breeds are about 60 and the coats and hair types include many varieties. It lives on average 5-10 years, rarely reaches 15.

The rabbit has an excellent view, with a visual field that allows you to see in all directions without moving your head. Large blood vessels pass through large ears, they play an important role in regulating body temperature; they are very delicate and very sensitive, so they should not be used to grab the rabbit. Especially adult males can become rather aggressive and like dogs, they mark the territory with urine.

The rabbit is herbivore. In captivity, the ideal diet is made of good quality hay (clover, grass or herb), which must always be abundantly available, and a small portion of fresh vegetables and grass and pellet feed. Even water, fresh and clean, must always be available. Small quantities of fresh foods can be offered, as long as they are well-washed, dried and especially cold in the refrigerator.



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