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Info Pet : information and tips on “domestic” animals

The relationship between man and “domestic animals” is an ancient one, both and cat and dog have had a utiolistic and effective role since ancient times.

Today many animals have belome ” domestic” like rabbits, reptiles, parrots, guinea pig…etc..etc..

In the co-existance between different species it can be very difficulty attending to the needs of both, and thi difficulty increases when the subjets don’t comunicate.

The differences in language does not necessary an ostacle , on the contrary it can add to the cultural , intellectual and affective baggale of a person.

Knowing someone different, even biologically , can help to comprehend many different points of view about the world and help to understand that every individual is unique; this means giving dignity and value to everyone.

The animal world is full of wonders and peculiarities that caracterize certain species, and to be discovered!!!


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