My soul paws, on my way with Gioia!

Journeys and paths have always opened mans life to new worlds and new existential dimensions, through physical and mental routes, undertaking extreme or minimal journeys towards known or unknown lands, becoming a metaphor of mans life an its continual reinvention, of finding and losing ones self.

During my formation, and life experience, I continue to interest myself in ETHOLOGICAL RELATIONS, or being more aware of my knowledge, deep and empathetic, and thus more respectful towards the animal world, with particular interest to characteristics can modify the relational expression. It means having the will to observe the organisms that share time and life with us, to study their history and evolution on this planet, to comprehend the net of relationships that surround us through the study of behavior.

It is absolutely relevant to centre your attention on the connection between observable behavior and the emotions of which they are an expression. This whole view is not limited to strictly scientific aspects but require the sensitivity to pick up various energetic shades and emotional and relational implications. Emotional involvement can be a precious ally in the comprehension of events and relationships. Empathy is the most powerful energy that connects us to other living creatures. To recognize the centrality of individual characteristics, both cognitive and emotive, it topples the current conceptual approach towards the animal world. Our journey will show the complex emotional life of animals.

I mostly concentrate on dogs and to put in practice what I know theoretically on relational ethology I have decided yo undertake this journey, the Rota Vicentina, in the company of Gioia, my dog. It will be the first experience of this kind for both of us and I have chosen her because, being a “wolf” she has the right characteristics to make the journey, and I also know she will take care of me.

During this experience man and dog will go back to being on the same level, in a state of empathy, facilitated by nature.

The main objective of is to transfer all of my knowledge and the instruments to really communicate and comprehend the world of dogs and animals in general.

An intimate journey between me and Gioia on the Rota Vicentina, Portugal, We will walk on the fishermans path and the historical path for a total of 350 km, to create and demonstrate that complicity and complementarity that exists between man and animal.

This journey is for us “Gioia and I”, a journey of personal growth as a woman and as a professional, my continuous curiosity to know, comprehend and live this wonderful relationship between man and animal;

Is a message to social ends, an experience that can transmit to everyone many notions, knowledge of the dogs language and psychology; for this very reason it will be broadcast live, to reach the maximum disclosure.

The journey will be recorded and broadcast live on the blog.

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