Medicinal Herbs , tip for cats and dogs

The use of herbs in medicine is a tradition that  has always been a part of many different peoples and cultures; and are linked to the importance and value of the earth, with industrialization and progress, many principals linked to this culture have been lost , particularly pharmacological research has replaced the use of medicinal herbs or phytotherapy.

However the use of herbs, phyton ( plant) treatment , is a treatment that many animals domestic or not , refer to when in need, one example is cat grass that felinesuse when necessary , to excrete fur or as natural laxative.

There are many dog owners that use phytotherapy for their personal use , extending this practise to their home pets.

The necessity to heal an illness , without the strong impact of chemical medicine , is the best solution without intoxicating the body the main advantage of phytotherapy is the almost total absence of toxicity in it’s products, the capacity to know the concetration and to be able to dose it, as well as the support and competence of your vetinarian.

The disanduatages are the taste and smell of phytotherapeutic products , not always palatable for dogs, even less for cats , as wellas sometimes … more gradual and less effective as classic medicines.

It is therefor good to use natural integration using phytotherapy in veterinary medicine requiers maximum caution.

Animals infact have a different physiology and metabolism than man.

This means that, certain substances that are for us harmless, are toxic for the animals living with us.

I leave therefor a list of the major medicinal plant/ botanic extracts used to minimize risks, or in extreme cases contrast frequent pathologies that afflict our animals.


One of the most important antifiammatory , it’s effectiveness can surpass even drugs used alot by vetenaryans. The turmeric infact stimulates the immune system , it has a strong antioxidant action and it’s curcuminoids are highly effective bactericides.

It also acts on the liver and gallbladder and is useful in cases of bilious calculi and gallbladder inflammation.


Like a stock of weapons ready for use , the spirulina herb has essencial amino acids , vitaminins B,C,D,E carbohydrate and flanonois , particulary it’s tocopherols, wich are part of vitamin E , and caretonoids , are known for their antioxidant activities.

These properties make the spirulinaherb an excellent insert to low calorie diets, as a natural supplement of a functional amino acid , it is an excellent source of protein and minerals that are able to conbat malnutrition and light , the spirulina is good for dogs with weight problems, completing the nutritional deficiencies of low calorie foods . The spirulina is also an intestinal detoxifying and hepatic antioxidant agent , in fact, according to a study conducted in california , it stimulates the immune system and contrast anemia.



Propolis is not a great antibiotic , but it has good effects an no contraindications, it’s effect are , in fact, immunostimulatory, antifiammatory and antioxidysing , its antibatterial, an bacteriostatic ( prevents the moltiplication of bacteria ) properties also acts against funghi and cerain kinds of viruses, making it a precious ally especially for oral and upper airways dissorders.


The power of psyllium , is  a sort of weapon ready for action that only needs to be triggered , the triggering factor is water , the psyllium’s mucilage is hydrofilic and thus , loves water , as soon as it enters in contact with water , they spring into action and unleash their properties to form a voluminous gel. This is its max property , in fact, in cases of constaption or the need to evacuate , this gel facilitates the evacuation process. If instead the mucilage is deprived of water, they take on the opposite function and, if taken in cases of diareah , absorbs the excess liquids.


Its proprerties are concetrated in the leafs , its suice , its herdic lymph, is covered by its upper layers, that must be removed , via incision with a knife. Once this tissue has been removed , “the blood” that escapes is collected and, toghether with the gel from the more internal layers , is concetrated through boiling. The main property of this ” bloody green sabbath” is aloin , once its properties are exploited , you can enjoy a soothing , antiinflammatory and even healing effects that see the aloe used often for topical action, thus used for external ointments , but in our case, with cats and dogs , it is very useful for intestinal mucous menbranes . The problem of the dermis ,of the skin , are assoicated with the permeability of the intestinal mucous membranes that, if altered , could have problems eliminating toxic substance. Thus the aloe’s super powers strengthen the intestinal barrier. In a way acting like an internal ointment, making it less sensitive to the passage of toxicsubstances , limiting the fenomenon of sensitization and the possibility of dermal outlets , although this prperty is the one we are more interested in, the aloe has other ones as well.



Be careful when calling upon the properties of the liliaceae, of which garlic is a part of, because they can result to be toxic to dogs. The reason is its antiplatenet agents that, because of an enzyme deficiency of mans best friend, may cause anemia. Its use therefor must be accuratley dosed with extreme causion, yet its properties are so many and  various that it results crucial in the right deses, of garlics many virtues , the first is antibacterial , that manifests itself through antibiotic and antisepticaction, boosting the intestinal action in run_downsubjects , that favours the efficiency of the immune system.  The essence , eliminated from the respiratory system, in the ears acts as an antiparassitic and antimicrobial, for infestations that are secondary to an ear infection , not by killing it, but by driving it out.  When the garlics bulb and properties take effect, even cholesterol and hypertension have to look over their shoulders, but its properties are also useful against diareah and is able to lower glycemia levels , a very important factor in case of diabetes, as well as being an important antioxidant.





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