Instinctive sensitivity !

I’ve always had an instinctive sensitivity, without having to pay particular attention to theoretic justifications ; this instinctive sensitivity , that I have hated and even denied half my life , because it amplified my senses and emotions through son called rough patches , where as non I see it as my greatest strength. …but as Cicerone once sad “ nature must to bee observed with extreme attention”

Today we begin the presentation of “The fairy-tale of Lola “ and as expected I have been asked to explain my objective ,what am I trying to communicate, why I define it as a mission of love and most of all how I would describe my relationship with Lola.

I will try ..because in reality these are natural sensations , but difficult to explain in words and are a lot easier to understand through personal experience , tha is why they become magic..

How would I describe my relationship with Lola ?

My relationship with Lola, I think , is in a part due to “ elective affinity” , especially due to all that is happening now.

“Elective affinity “ characterizes the meeting of two subjects that immediately strike up a bond that envelopes body and soul  and subtracts itself from any psychological analysis, the bond created is not due to identity or the complementary aspects of the individuals involved .

Elective affinity is the elevated meeting of two subjects “ elected” that in their way of thinking , feeling, acting realize a visceral and radical intimacy that resides in the subconscious and is independent from the leng of the relationship .

My story with Lola?

A fairy –tale

I’ve had to expose everything about myself , even the most intimate part , the soul , in the book to be able to describe the real fairy –tale , what I’ve lived through , felt through this innate instinctive sensitivity , then amplified by empathetic , intimate contact with animals ; and even this happened at the right moment.

When I was asked to write, I didn’t really feel the part ; by writing I cured my soul there where she was.

Running back our story..

It was in that moment that I felt and understood that even though she was no longer there physically , everything we shared ..continued and I can feel her energy.

It’s a message that is more difficult to explain in words that to experience it oneself

The objective , mission of love ??

Animals have a wonderful power over  humans ,very natural ,simple but extraordinary , they amplify our emotional levels, that of expressing in the best ways our physical and mental peculiarities within what is everyone s own peculiarity.

And mine is to communicate with animals and nature.

It’s a relationship that, if lived with balance , harmony and respect , brings wellbeing real interior weelbeing.

Today we talk of rehabilitating with our dog, which means putting in a prior condition with respect to the event that has disturbed or determined a physical or psycologichal disability.

To me this can work for orthopedic problems, not for example for kids that have lived in conditions of dependence , victims of bullying, of addiction exclusion from social life; feelings felt in first person

My message , the mission of love ??

It is to communicate , transmit , open the door of that world to everybody…through my experienced true story and the future road ahead , in doing so demonstrating that “ The dog habilitates, help the habilitation of children and adults , it does not help rehabilitation, it is something much different, and more powerful, that in fact puts the subject in a much more advanced and better conditions than before “.

Evolution of the soul , constant wellbeing.

Often ,details are what really count: a smell, a look , an unexplainable viscerality or original solidarity , primitive , like that a dogs.

Even today I receive this sensation of wellbeing from all animals , not just my own; I would like people to just try to imagine what it would mean for our planet.. and that you just need to open your door to COMMUNICATION , nature has given us animals for a purpose , to maintain this congiunction ..who knows.. if me and Lola can spark up curiosity for this world , for this world, for this wonderful wellbeing.

Free for all !!!!!!!!!!

The relationship with animals , a world of synergic gratification.

I stop , too many emotions , shivers..the power of Lola , it’s real , the message cannot be ignored.

My life mission of love touch the highest levels of emotions ,like that of animals, and try with all my strenghs , with all my voice , soul testify it , feel it..

Because it is there for everyone , all their magic , with wich everything becomes more beautiful and full of unconditional love.

I couldn’t do differently.



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