Dog breeds & indoles

Dog breeds & Indoles

The canine world presents about 400 different breeds.

Getting to know them means meeting their behavioral needs and creating a correct relationship.

Domestical breeds _ definition : group of individuals belonging to the same breed ( dog) that are a result of a series man made selective breeding to achieve specific chatracteristies.

Half breeds_ definition: cross breed between two subjects belonging to different breeds.

Bastard : an individual with uncertain origins.

  Indipendently from the fact that the dog has a defined breed or is a result of casual encounters between two different subjects there is always an individuality and uniqueness in every subject. 

Everyone has been trasmited a genetic inheritance.

The dogs character certainly depends from the relationship it has with its owner and the education that the animal recieves from a young age but above all from the characteristics it inherits from it’s parents.

We must not ignore the peculiarities that distinguish the dogbreeds of origin from  inherits .

It’s morfological characteristics but also the components that will determine its nature.

A positive and available attitude , an appropriate enviroument and adeguate training can certainly guide the dogs developement but it cannot chance those that are the peculiarities that derive from tis origins.

When  a puppy first enter your home it would be opportune to observe its behavior so as to pick up its bahavioral predesposition  and this take a first step to getting to know the dog.


Playing is a fundamental part of a dogs life , to perfect it’s instincts and balance energies.

Sophie & Emily ( cocker spaniel english)


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