Introduction: Getting to know dog

The only way

to build a true and balanced relationship between dog and man is through CONSISTENCY, KNOWLEDGE, RESPECT, and LOVE!

It is important to follow a coherent line from the first approaches, through a gentle, non-coercive method; but in order to educate train  or better communicate with dogs it’s necessary to have an understanding of them.

Thanks to ethology (the science that studies animals in their habitat, language, and habits), comparative ethology (the science that studies animals in relation to social life, language and habits of men), and thanks to the studies of canine psychology and language we can really begin to better understand dogs, which is key to love them.

Because loving a dog means respecting it for what it is, never forgetting that  it has not only material, but also psychological needs,  that have to be fulfilled to become a balanced therefore happy dog!



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