Dog Journey

My soul paws, on my way with Gioia!

My soul paws, on my way with Gioia!

Journeys and paths have always opened mans life to new worlds and new existential dimensions, through physical and mental routes, undertaking extreme or minimal journeys towards known or unknown lands, becoming a metaphor of mans life an its continual reinvention, of...

Any way you want!!

Any way you want!!

Any way you want!! It’s some time that I have been trying to dedicate myself to other more spiritual aspects of life. Its one way to live better, in harmony with yourself and with others, also to transpose certain more hidden aspects of our existence, less “...

What are perianal glands?

What are perianal glands?

WHAT ARE PERIANAL GLANDS? They are glands that are glands that are situated near the last part of the rectal tract, in proximity to the anus. Their function is mainly to produce a secrete that plays an important role in marking territory, these glands are normally...

Thinking of  Lola

Thinking of Lola

LOLA “my soulmate”……. Partner of the soul Thinking of Lola, want to tell her how much I love her, just writing about her makes my heart beat faster. Not a single day goes by that I don’t think about Lola, there is not one day that I don’t wish to live her again, not...

What is the Kong?

What is the Kong?

What is the Kong? It’s a kind of beehive shaped cone, made with an animal safe rubber suited for being chewed ( hard or soft depending on which version) to be filled with food or appetizing creams. It’s conception dates back to 1976 but it is nothing more than a toy...

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