Behavior characteristics dog , born with it or developed?

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The character

born with it or developed ?

The way that each individual realts to environmental mutations depends on it’s character.

The character is comprised of a combination of natural traits and the sum of expericences derivedfrom learning of course , the experiences , follow the animal all it’s life, thus the character will also present a slow but continuous mutation.

The dogs natural traits :

Docility ,  Temperment , Vigilance , Curiosity , Aggressiveness , Possessiveness , Sociality,  Hardness, Combativeness

Docility : The propensity to naturaly and spontaneously superior accept man as hierarchically superior and with him install a relationship based on respect , attachment , trust and subordination.

Temperment : Is the dogs reactiveness to respond to an external stimulus of whatever nature. This natural trait is almost unmodificable by man and must be considered on the basis of the dogs predestined.job.

Vigilance: The capability to percieve danger and immediatly narn other components of the group ; this concept is closely tied to ” territory ” or the area that the dog considers its responcibility and thus defends .

Aggressiveness : is the dogs capability to realt to a threat that endangers itself, any memebers of its pack  or the territory controls.

Sociality : The dog will demonstrate to have this trait when it is able to integrate in mans social life and collaborate with him in partnership

Hardness : Consist in the capability to confront and surpass negative stimulus both from a physical and psychological point of view; this natural trait cannot be enhanced with trainnig.

Curiosity : Is the dogs predisposition to explore its surrondings and be interested in what happens with in it.

Possessiveness : The dogs capability to identify and area or an object as their own and defend them accordingly ; its possessiveness can be directed at objects , food, territory and even people.

Combativeness : Is the dogs capability to respond with energy , if necessary by fihting ( biting) to negative external stimulus, combativeness is a trait that can be modified by man through and adeguate educational path.

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