Behaving as equals sometimes allows us to open a new world

The animal world is so important that we soon realize, as l did, we can definitely improve the quality of our life with their help. However, animals are important not only in the process of dealing with our fragilities, but also from an educational point of view.

The relationship between man and animal has to be based on humility. In our world, humility is a very much missed virtue, as the process of evolution of men has brought us to consider animals as unequals.

I don’t know how many of us could or would even be able to question their relationship with their pet animal, placing themselves on an equal level, acknowledging there is no superiority between them and understanding that our ability to reason and use language to convey information does not place us on a higher evolutionary stage. Dogs have their own language too, a unique gift called empathy, a very deep though silent language.

If we could only understand how much the interaction with a dog could be good and healthy for a child, the ability to exchange information analogically and not digitally, we would realize that exchange is so essential to be even superior to what we human beings actually convey to our pets.

The way l’m talking about digital and analalogical communication is just to make you understand how we have lost the ability to express our deeper emotional layer, we have been affected by the superficiality of the world of words and lost contact with our own true feelings.

“l’m so excited!”, “l’m so happy l can’t find the words to explain…” and then laughter or tears, these are hints to a deeper emotional level we cannot express with words, and we are losing it.

But animals can naturally reignite those emotions through love and unconditional respect.

In our evolutionary cycle, in our genetic cycle, we are losing part of our prerogatives which are still present in animals, more specifically in dogs. Because dogs are considered to be men’s best friend, they’re the only ones able to help us, teach us how to get those qualities back again.

Personally, l’ve never placed myself on a superior position compared to animals, this has helped me and brought me to follow a personal didactic and professional path for my choices, very much diverse and far from the idea of the society of trade and consumerism.

Respecting animals is crucial to me, l love to try and understand them, communicate and get in deeper contact with them; l don’t want to subjugate them or transform them into mere imitations of men.

Behaving as equals sometimes allows us to open a new world!

Their world, their soul, their instinct are much more refined than ours, they have so much to teach us and they are already proving this through lots of social activities besides filling the gap of our loneliness.

Today, thanks to my experience in this field, l feel l have reached a good point of communication and l would like to finally share it, and if not at least arise some sense of curiosity in people.

I have never called myself an instructor, but more of a consultant, because my job is not to educate but to open the communication between a dog and its owner; dogs’ language and soul are simple, everyone can learn how to deal with them, but there are some rules, and it is essential to be aware of them!

A blogger usually tries to write captivating articles for his or her audience, well l’ll try and do more.

For animals’ sake, l will try to spread the word and divulge all the culture, knowledge, studies, daily life concerning the world of dogs, sharing all my experience with you. I will only tell the truth about our beloved pets, offering you the chance to compare experiences with researchers and their works, but also giving you the possibility to compare daily habits, in oder to see and understand the wide range of variabilities this world can offer.

It will surely be an nonconformist blog, because lots of things l will tell and demonstrate you will question what you already assume as true, sometimes read in books or seen on TV.

I don’t really care about that, all l care about is to improve dogs life. The more they will be understood and respected, the happier they will be.

The Revolution of the Pack has begun…Lolamysoulmate is here.


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