Any way you want!!

Any way you want!! It’s some time that I have been trying to dedicate myself to other more spiritual aspects of life. Its one way to live better, in harmony with yourself and with others, also to transpose certain more hidden aspects of our existence, less “ materialistic”.

Thanks to animals, this journey is deeper and more satisfying, because every day I learn a lot from their soul about what real fidelity is, friendship, gratification; Everyone in their own way, all of which in an almost spiritual way.

Their soul immediately intuits everything about us, the dog knows, but doesn’t know it knows.

A dog can read mans heart whilst the words that come from his are transmitted with it’s eyes and gests.

It has an intuitive sensitivity that make it aware of the needs of others.

Dogs don’t lie about what they feel, because they can’t lie emotionally.

In the man-animal relationship are born unexpected affinities that compensate short comings, or that stimulate change, or sometimes you meet and feel right at home.

Lets swap affinity with coincidence. In reality one is eternal, the other lasts only an instant.

Affinity, a mystery…

Every man-dog encounter is important, but every affinity is within itself, every encounter has its chemistry; Although it’s true that unique encounters like elective affinity happen only once, It’s like your first true love, it’s unique.

When I lost Lola, I suffered so much that within me , I promised myself that I will never fall in love like that with anyone…. Especially dogs, because in a few years they leave us. But today with Gioia in can affirm that it is not so and it will never be, simply every affinity has its path.

I must be honest, I adopted Gioia from a horrible situation, she was six months old and right in concomitance with Lolas illness.

Gioia, is fundamentally a wolf in nature, and has very strong hunting instinct, she has a foxes mannerisms and body language, at the same time she expresses vocal and almost human emotions, really unique( sooner or later I will upload the videos of Gioia greeting her friends), some of her instincts aren’t really tamable….. you will get to know her well….. little by little

She has a very defined character, for example she never begs for food after her meal or she wants to sleep close to you , but if you touch or disturb her she snorts and goes away….. and many other fascinating aspects.

Why fascinating, because they don’t belong to all dogs or at least more so to wild wolfs.

Today I look at her and think, well yes, I’ve fallen in love with you, very slowly but very deeply, a different kind of love than that with Lola, and if I must be honest Gioia is the affinity that takes you to the next level of the evolution of the soul, the value of love.

Lola gave me pure love, because I needed it deeply needed it, she indicated the path to loving myself.

Gioia is giving me other emotions, apart from love; I’ve never had a more jealous or protective dog, behavior that we will try to sweeten, even though everyday I come home with the smell of many other dogs, or of the sea or the pineforest, it’s difficult to explain it to her; Gioia is that affinity that gives strength to my love, security, enthusiasm and lots and lots of joy in the true sense of the word; she is teaching me that even if very different in expressing love, we meet to enrich ourselves reciprocally, but above all Gioia is teaching me that the only way to have a friend is be a friend.

I bid you good night with a citation from Neruda which I love………

It’s the ancient friendship, the joy of being a dog and being a man transmuted into a single animal that walks moving six paws and a tail soaked in dew.



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