Autumn, change dog clothes !

Here we are, November is coming! Seasons that are no longer seasons, very hot in the day, cool in the night you hear, in any case we greeted the summer and there was a temperature change .. so what better time to help our hairy in the mute change and body fat ?? According to my philosophy in the dog do not need too much, too little care, in fact there are dogs with certain characteristics that need more and less. In any case, in seasonal changes is the best time to make a nice whirlpool for everyone. When the seasons change, the dog needs the renewal of body fat as well as removing dead hair (old). Body fat is a protective substrate besides hair, in fact often when we see how dandruff is just the body fat that needs change. Depending on the temperature the dog produces more or less thicker grease and other features such as lipid, however vary. Many times if this change does not help, dermatitis problems can arise, especially if all this is related to a habitual brushing of the mantle

In season change, the mantle begins to muddy, adapts to new temperatures, adapting to various features. It’s really very important to let this process not last too long. When I ask the dog is cold, the dog is hot, my answer is always on the proper care of the mantle. The mantle has a cyclicity and the more we adapt cyclicity to the grooming treatments and the more the mantle will independently and in the right times do this mute process (eg combing it once a week, sliding or stripping it once a month … etc.). Some general tips for making a proper bath and choosing the right product depending on your skin and skin. Dog Covers are divided into two types: Dual _ Unique Double undercoat (uniform layer of short, thin, woolly coat skin, under the cover) such as Labrador, Cocker, Cavalier King Charles, Setter, Springer etc …. they usually require less scrubbing and more skin care. The double dresses, the name says, are a double skin protection, which means that before absorbing odors or smog, it will have two protections; that if kept stripped or cycled, the dog will only need to swim in season changes

Unique without undercoat, such as York shire, Shihi Tzu, Maltese, Poodle, etc … require more frequent baths, but with products that are not too degreasing, not aggressive. because? by not having to submerge, body fat absorbs smells and smogs faster but at the same time body fat is always exposed and can not be completely eliminated. For frequent baths I always recommend skin-protective, but not aggressive dermoprotective products. I personally for many years use only dermoprotective nutritional products (short hair, medium hair, long hair); experience has taught me that the techniques and treatments that really result in the health and beauty of the mantle. Even for scents, I do not like to use anything based on alcohol, but with water vaporized to well-dosed essential oils, sprayed before drying (in conjunction with a local paraffin, we also produce them for remedies for skin problems and allergies) a natural scent that lasts longer than any other alcohol-based product, try to believe it! Another nice piece of information is how to use the products (they all work so, any brand, it’s chemistry and found in the dog’s knowledge section of the blog throughout the “Product Composition” course) to activate all properties, use the right product according to type of mantle and type of leather. Simply said, I hope, any product you use, it’s important to activate the detergent part (surfactants). The ratio of product / water preparation is 3/10 3 of product, 10 of water; once united, soak a sponge and try to foam the compound as much as possible by using the sponge when it has become at least half the foam the detergent is activated,

We apply it on a dry or wet cloth (for personal experience on thick mantles, like volcano shepherds … etc … applied without first bathing the dog with water, even more result and less use) while applying it with a sponge, we release the foam and here it is very important to massage the dog’s skin with rotating movements (so nice). Making a real skin massage with foam is our goal to really hairy. I use a rubber tire with rubber teeth that makes a real skin massage and especially for double dresses, almost all the dead hair in the tub is discharged. Do not use shampoo / balm products, one overrides the characteristics of the other (well explained “chemical” file). Rinse well by removing the product from the cover with your hands. So you are sure to wash, degrease the skin of the dog and consequently even the hair. Before bathing I recommend doing the part of grooming (hygiene) ie before accessing the tub, brushing the mantle to free it from dust and residue, cleaning the ears, looking up, cleaning the palms. all this will help a lot to get a good bath. Ultimate flashlight … to finish the operation Perfectly successful bath and define it grooming, is drying. It is important to dry it quickly (before discharging water with your hands, then with a towel and finally a low temperature phoon) to prevent the dog from even more wet dog smell, and even more important to dry it completely; during drying, the long, curly mantles should be constantly chapped, because just like our hair at that stage can be distracted, also eliminating dead hair and positioning new mantle, having a lucid final effect. Double duvets need a blower to avoid drying hours. All professional grooming tools such as stripping, slider, rake should be used in a clean, dry, dry cloth. Good bathroom and if you are curious to know more about the care of the mantle and the hygiene, take a look¬† ¬† Tutorial “Wash dog “


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